Goon Guard

Goon Guard Hockey Mouth Guard - Strapped

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Color: Blue & Black

Save your grill and celly with a smile, Goon Guard is here to protect your chiclets and fend off fourth line yard sales. Designed for hockey players, Goon Guard is scientifically proven to provide twice the impact absorption of traditional mouth guards. Best of all, it’s easy to fit, locks in and is easy to wear, remoldable and braces friendly.

  • Patented Material - Patented fitting material makes Goon Guard the best mouth guard for hockey.
  • Lockdown Fit - Thin profile provides a lockdown fit ensuring it stays in place.
  • Custom Fit - Custom fit makes it easy to breathe and chirp the other team. Stays in place during heavy contact.
  • Braces Compatible & Remoldable - The best material for braces and it can be remolded over and over.
  • Endorsed by the best - The Official Mouth Guard of Let's Play Hockey Minnesota and approved by the pros.

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