Best Hockey Mouthguard for Braces

Why Hockey Players Need Mouthguards

Hockey is one of the most high-contact sports available for youth to play. Players are almost always required to wear mouthguards whether they’re playing in a game or at practice. There are many ways a hockey player can get hurt, and several ways they can get dental injuries. A puck to the mouth or side of the face could cause serious dental damage, as could a stick hitting the face or mouth. Getting checked could cause their face to slam against the wall. Even an elbow or knee to the face could cause painful and expensive damage to their teeth, gums, lips, and tongue. A Goon Guard hockey mouth guard could help prevent the most severe kind of dental damage. 

Even though all high school teams require their players to wear mouthguards, it’s up to you as a parent to make sure your athlete is doing so. You are the one, along with your student, who will have to face the consequences if they don’t. You are the one who is most concerned about your player’s safety. That’s why, when it comes to mouthguards, you have the most important voice. 

It’s all the more important for you to make sure your athlete is wearing a hockey mouthguard if they have braces. In addition to regular dental injuries, traditional metal braces can cause even worse damage to the soft tissue around your youth’s teeth like their lips, gums, cheeks, and tongue. A wire could poke a hole right through their cheek if they get hit just the wrong way and the lacerations caused by metal brackets could prove highly painful. Not only that, but without a mouthguard, a blow to the mouth by a puck, stick, or opponent could result in damage to your player’s expensive orthodontic gear. You can see why it’s essential your youth wears their mouthguard every time they step onto the ice.

What’s the best hockey mouthguard for braces?

Experts agree that the best mouthguard is one that is custom-fit to your young athlete’s teeth. Some bulky mouthguards are not customizable, and they can cause breathing problems for your athlete along with being terribly uncomfortable. Comfort is important in choosing a mouthguard because the more uncomfortable it is, the more likely your player will try to get out of wearing it as much as possible. Breathing freely is obviously essential during the kind of physical exertion required of a hockey player.

You may have a hard time finding a mouthguard that is customizable for students with braces. Look no further than Goon Guard hockey mouthguards for braces. Each mouthguard comes with detailed instructions on how to custom-fit it to your player’s teeth, including instructions for if they have braces. Molding the mouthguard to your youth’s teeth takes only a couple of minutes and then they will have the benefits of being able to speak clearly, breathe freely, and even hydrate while wearing their Goon Guard hockey mouthguard for braces.

The Goon Guard mouthguards were developed with the assistance of dental professionals for your athlete’s comfort and protection in mind. They’re made out of our patented VistaMaxx material, which is strong enough to help prevent lacerations and other dental injuries during play. It’s also flexible enough to provide premium comfort and durability. VistaMaxx does not absorb saliva, water, or bacteria, so keeping it clean is as easy as washing it with gentle soap and water after each use and putting it in its ventilated case to dry. If it’s easier for your player, they can even put it in its case and toss it in the dishwasher to clean it. It couldn’t be easier for your youth to care for their Goon Guard hockey mouthguard for braces.

The Goon Guard mouthguards are the only ones on the market that have been approved by the American Dental Association. This gives you an idea of their superior quality. They are free of PVCs, latex, BPAs, and phthalates, so they are perfectly safe for wear day after day.

In addition to custom-fitting their hockey mouthguard, your player can personalize it in other ways. For one, it’s available in 14 different colors, so they can choose their favorite color, their team color, or whatever color they want. In addition, they can get their name, number, or any word or short phrase printed right on the mouthguard. If the team manager wants, they can purchase Goon Guard hockey mouthguards at a bulk discount and have the entire team’s match as a part of their uniform.

Where can I get my athlete a Goon Guard hockey mouthguard?

Goon Guard simply has the best mouthguard on the market. Approved by the ADA and customizable in a handful of ways, these mouthguards are made for your athlete’s comfort and more importantly, their superior protection against dental injuries. Order the best hockey mouthguard for braces online today and see the Goon Guard difference yourself.